Laser Cutting – Engraving

Materials Include:

Laser cut woods including laser plywood, MDF (6mm maximum), and hardwoods including oak, maple, walnut and maple.

Plastics including Acrylic (often known as the brand name Perspex), Polypropylene, HIPS, ABS and Foam. With thickness’s up to 6mm thick,  available in 60+ colours.

For thicker materials and non laser safe plastics we have the option to cut with our CNC mill.

Card and paper in multiple thickness’s and colours.

Laser Rubber, ideal for stamp making.

Leather plus other fabrics.

We can also engrave glass, mark onto metals, laminates, natural wood, fabrics and upcycled timber.

We can supply the materials or you can bring your own (contact us to check suitability).

As always we are here to help you through the process of getting your files ready or we can do it for you.

Email your files with information on the material and number of items required and we will create a quote.

How to create the artwork

We work with cad and illustrator

Base your layout on the below colours using separate layers for each will help reduce your costs.

Cut lines Red RGB 255, 0,0
Vector Engrave Green RGB 0,255,0
Raster Engrave Blue RGB 0,0,255

Line Weight .25pt


The minimum order value is £35

Minimum per piece charge of £5, with additional time charged at 85p per minute.

Discounts on volume orders available.

syco graphic logo laser engraved glass onto a redneck drinking glass



Email your files and we will be in touch to discuss the options and the best way forward as well as supply a quote for the work.


Once payment is received, materials are ordered and items produced.

Ship & Support

Your items are packed and shipped

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